Grievance Policy and Procedures

GREAT MINDS hopes to provide you with a positive Continuing Education experience. We continually evolve through responses provided through Course Evaluations and other forms of feedback.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your learning encounter withGREAT MINDS, please review the following procedures to address any concerns or grievances. Specifically, please inform us of any issues concerning refund requests, complaints about course content, dissatisfaction with facilities used for education events, issues pertaining to non-receipt of certificates, or any other occurrences.

We value your input and hope to resolve any grievances democratically and in a timely manner.

  1. Request a Grievance Form via email at
  2. Submit any grievances in writing using the Grievance Form via email to
  3. Submitted Grievance Forms will be reviewed by our organizational committee comprised of LCSWs and LPCs
  4. GREAT MINDS will respond in writing in a timely manner to arrange a time to discuss the issue
  5. Participant will be provided the opportunity to support allegations however brief or informal, if needed
  6. Decisions are made democratically to achieve grievance resolution
  7. Information from the grievance will be used to improve future courses and education experiences