Outreach Letter & Discharge Summary


The Outreach Letter and Discharge Summary are templates to use when there is a lapse in care with clients. This is a great way to bring clients back into care during gaps in treatment, or close their case if they are unresponsive to the Outreach Letter.



FAQ sheet

1- What’s included with the Outreach Letter & Discharge Summary templates?
The Outreach Letter and Discharge Summary templates come with a training video to review the forms in detail. The templates will download into Word format for easy editing to personalize for your practice and to update as needed over time.

2- Can I share this paperwork with others?
Short answer…
No. My paperwork is copyrighted and is available for YOU to use with clients in your Private Practice. It is not available for resale, to share for free with others, or to upload to any social media group or any other platform.

Long answer…
There is an End User License Agreement (EULA) attached to your packet. Purchasing this product means that you agree to the terms of the EULA.
It gives the long version of: My products do not guarantee success of your Private Practice and please do not sell or share my product(s)…thank you!

3- Is this paperwork guaranteed?
There is no guarantee that these template forms will pass any oversight or regulatory entities that may audit your records. Ensure that any paperwork you edit fits the current guidelines of any entity with whom you have a contractual agreement.

Differing state regulations are varied. An attorney in your practicing state can determine if your edited versions of these purchased templates abide by the business and healthcare laws governing your state.

4- Can I get my money back?
There are no refunds for the Outreach Letter & Discharge Summary templates.

5- Disclaimer
These documents were developed as template guides to assist the development of your practice. These documents have not been reviewed or approved under any state or federal laws and/or regulations. As a business owner and/or a practitioner, you have an independent obligation to confirm your business’ and/or practice’s compliance with applicable state and federal rules, regulations, and laws. The form(s) and document(s) should not be relied upon exclusively and your compliance with state or federal laws, rules, and/or regulations is your obligation. Nothing provided in these documents and conversations should be construed as professional or legal advice.

Be aware that certain payors, including private insurance, CMS (Medicare and Medicaid), and others may have individualized mandates to perform care for members and patients. You will be required to review and understand those rules and regulations and incorporate them into your business and practice. This document(s) are not intended to comply with any such rules and/or regulations.